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Join us today to learn in a friendly, global medical-student led teaching and learning platform.

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Our Values

In a 1990 JAMA study by pediatrician Henry K. Silver, 46.4% of students at one medical school had been abused at some point during medical school. By the time they were seniors, that number was 80.6%.

Subtle, but viscious cycles that arise from generations of damaging hierarchies cause much harm and long-term distress for medical professionals.

At LearnMedicine, we actively fight the war against these hierarchies. Here, we support each other to develop strong foundations for working together to succeed as future doctors, eliminating these damaging hierarchies and encourage a spirit of cooperation and zero tolerance of bullying and harrassment in Medicine. Students become more confident medical teachers, empowering each other to improve not through competition, but collaboration.

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Just been to a talk on GMC referrals by a representative from @the_mdu who apparently has never heard of the ‘Fair to refer’ document and has ‘no opinion’ on the fact that certain people are more likely to be referred to the GMC than others. Disappointed, but not surprised 🙂

The ultimate paradox in medical school is being told to be empathetic to our patients, but also being told not to be emotionally affected by our patients.
How can these be mutually exclusive??

#MedTwitter #MedEd

Some doctors and nurses will literally stand around ignoring you and treating you like you’re invisible all day, but still have the cheek to point out every single thing you’re doing wrong in front of everyone else? Sorry hun would you say that to your consultant? I think not

How sick would it be if we had to sign doctors off on their portolios for actually teaching us, rather than them signing us off for showing them we can do the most basic things that any human could do lol

(Handwashing?? 5 years into med school?? Seriously?)


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